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Payments can be made with cash, check or major credit card.


Superbills can be provided upon request for patients seeking

insurance reimbursement.

Brain Based Rehab

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Brain Based Rehab is a provider with selected insurance companies and will bill these companies directly for reimbursement. This can be discussed during the phone consultation in order to give accurate, updated information. If Brain Based Rehab is not in network with your insurance provider, payment is the responsibility of each client. Payment is due at the time of service. Upon request, a Superbill can be provided at the end of every month for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Initial Assessment

Initial Assessments can take from one to two hours depending in the impairment presented and the number of standardized tests performed. For pediatric clients, time is required to observe playtime often with a primary caregiver. A comprehensive written summary is provided. The fee for an Initial Assessment is $150.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Services - $150.00 Per Hour

The Tomatis® Method

The Tomatis® Method can be incorporated as a stand alone treatment coordinated with Soundsory and Forbrain. Payment is due in full before each two week intensive session. A full program consists of three separate 2 week intensive sessions with scheduled breaks in between. This treatment is not covered by insurance. One two week session using the Tomatis Method is $1200.

The Brain Based Program

The multi-disciplinary approach of the Brain Based Six Month Program averages a minimum of 3 days a week for two hours per session with one-on-one interaction. This includes a customized therapeutic approach incorporating PT, OT, ST as indicated, auditory stimulation using the Tomatis Method coordinated with Soundsory and Forbrain as well as hippotherapy. A complete Brain Based Program requires a six month commitment to achieve the full benefit from the auditory stimulation technology; however, the program can be terminated at any time. Payment is due at the beginning of each week. Refunds are not provided for sessions not attended after payment is submitted for the week. If additional days of therapy are decided upon based on the Initial Assessment, the estimated cost will be adjusted. In order to achieve the maximal benefit from the auditory stimulation technology therapy is recommended three to five times per week at times with additional activities recommended at home. The anticipated cost of services is $900 per week based on hourly fees. Cash clients paying weekly will receive a 35% discount reducing this fee to $585.